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Fast Electrical Service In Bondi

We’re a team of electricians that understands the urgency accompanying an electrical problem. Don’t wait in the dark on a slower sparky squad! Each of our crew members has the courtesy, skill levels, and professional promptness to shock the competition into submission. Why hire a team of local electricians and get results in three days when you could hire just one of us and have the job finished in 3 hours? Electricity powers the entire world including Bondi, if the electricity inside your home or office starts becoming unreliable, you may experience all kinds of inconveniences that can hamper your productivity – We won’t stand for that and neither should you!

Freaky Fast

We don’t mean to brag, but wow do our electricians fly! Our dispatch center prides itself in having every van loaded for every situation, 24/7. This means no matter how far out you are or whatever problem your having, we’ll be there without delay and be able to handle the problem right then and there!

Electrical Know How

There’s simply no room to compromise when it comes to the skill and experience of a home or commercial electrician. Don’t risk hiring another crew! We put each of our team members through rigorous tests of knowledge, and new team members even apprentice under a senior staff- guaranteeing success.

Sophisticated Service

Everyone’s been there, a serviceman needed to fix a problem in your home reeks of sweat and alcohol – and while did the job, he left a mess! Our team loves providing friendly service, with class, and promptness. Don’t settle for less, just because you need one problem fixed doesn’t mean you deserve another!

  1. Installations

    When building a new home or office, laying the electrical groundwork is important. The wires and cables are built within the framework of the building and should be installed before the finishing touches are made. This is a logical move because you would not want to be removing wall panels or tearing down slabs of concrete just to add the electrical wires and cables. The electrician should be part of the planning stages of construction and should be consulted before making major adjustments. For example, the cables should be bigger if you plan to install centralised air conditioning in your home. The same applies if the building will be used for a factory or plant, it should allow for a higher energy consumption since all of the equipment and machinery will be running on electrical power.

  2. Adjustments

    A vintage house is considered a sound investment. In Bondi and the rest of Australia, vintage homes are being refurbished and considered as better buys than small condominiums or townhouses. The only problem is that everything inside that house is old as well. The pipes may be leaking and rusty and the electrical wires in the old house may be too thin for today’s power-hungry devices. Remember that some of these homes were built during a time when an electric fan, radio and a black and white TV is what constitutes a furnished household. Nowadays, the modern house has a slew of lights, monitors, cameras and all kinds of electrical appliances. An electrician may need to make adjustments or replace the electrical wires in an old home to make it safe for you and your family to live in.

  3. Appliances

    Your home’s electrical wiring may not be equipped to handle a massive inverter, range hood, and other appliances. Any addition that you make should be consulted with an electrician Bondi to make sure that you don’t blow a fuse in your house. For example, if you want to install an electric garage door, a separate fuse or breaker in the garage is needed. This is done in order to balance the flow of electricity to the rest of the household.

    Smoke Alarm Installation

    Smoke alarms, now more than ever must be installed in all Australian homes. Many people are unaware of this but when it comes to fire hazards, it is actually the smoke that is most dangerous.

    Data Cable Services

    In this day and age, every home or business requires electrical data and communication services. These include internet cabling, phone cabling, TV cabling, and even music entertainment cabling. Our team has been trained to carry out data cable services in Bondi homes and businesses.

    Electrical Testing

    As part of your regular electrical maintenance service, you should have your electrical system at home checked by an electrician at least once annually. Our electrical testing service seeks to ensure that all your electrical systems are installed well and are functioning at par.

    Lighting Installation

    Our electricians can carry out all manner of lighting services, from installation to repairs, replacements, and upgrades. We can provide you with lighting to reduce your carbon footprint, brighten up dim areas, and even set light timers and sensors.

  4. Energy Saving

    With the conscious effort to reduce our carbon footprint in the world, the focus has turned to energy efficiency. An electrician is a key player in how you and your household can start becoming more conscious about how much energy you spend. You can start by replacing all of the lights in your house with more energy-efficient ones. Next, replace your air conditioning unit and TVs and computer monitors with models that gobble up less electricity. You can also install other energy-saving devices in your household in order for electricity to be processed more efficiently. For example, installing lights with sensors eliminates the need to keep the lights on all day and night. An automatic light will switch on as soon as it gets dark, and switch off at daylight. These are just some of the examples that you can emulate. You can ask us regarding other bits that you can do to make your home more efficient.

  5. Emergencies

    Emergency Electrical Services

    As an Electrician Bondi, we understand that emergency electrical situations can happen when you least expect it. This is why we also offer 24-7 emergency services. Should you blow a fuse or experience power interruptions in the middle of the night, we’ll be there to address your needs. You can rely on our prompt service to solve electrical emergencies and power related issues.

    Checking Sockets and Outlets

    If your basement has become flooded and you’re worried about the integrity of the sockets and power outlets there, don’t leave anything to chance. Call an electrician to check sockets and electrical outlets before you dare use them. Some of these may look okay from the outside, but the flood or rainwater could have penetrated the inside of these outlets. An electrician Bondi will give you the green light if these are good to use, or if something needs to be replaced.

    Why You Should Choose Us

    We can offer at least five compelling reasons why you should hire the services of Electrician Bondi for your home or office electrical needs. The list does not even include the hundreds of satisfied customers that have walked out of our doors over the years. We are fortunate to have plenty of repeat customers as well as referrals from clients who were more than happy with the kind of service we rendered.

    Prompt Service

    We don’t believe in making the client wait. We know that time is precious for everyone, especially for companies or businesses who cannot afford even just a few hours of downtime. If you blow a fuse or something short-circuits, call us and we’ll send one of our experienced staff to immediately check your concern. He will make an assessment and let you know what needs to be done and what kind of work it will entail.

    Experienced Staff

    We don’t send boys to do a man’s job. When you call our electrician, you can be assured that we’ll send you someone who knows the inside out of the job. Expect that he is familiar with different kinds of electrical systems and can offer sound suggestions and a solid course of action to solve your problem.

    Licensed and Duly Recognised

    Our team of experts holds the necessary licenses to practice their craft in Bondi and other areas in Australia. We also make sure that we are kept abreast with latest trends in technology as well as the new tools and gadgets, which are used in the industry. We take the time to learn new things and invest in training our people because we believe that this translates to better service and performance for our clients.


    You leave us alone in your homes or offices and we come in even when there’s no one around. We’ve been around long enough to know that clients value trustworthiness and honesty. We can assure you that nothing will be touched inside your home and everything will be just like it was when you left it. We screen our personnel and make sure that they can be trusted even with the small things.

    Affordable and Reliable

    When our staff from says he will be there by 3:00 pm, you can be confident that there will be a knock on your door before that time. We are prompt and reliable because we know how valuable time is for everyone. We will not waste your time by making you wait for an electrician who will not arrive. Additionally, we offer affordable and competitive rates for services rendered in the Bondi area and beyond. Give us a call and ask for a service quote today. We can arrange to visit your home or office and give an assessment of how much work needs to be done to solve your problem. We can also offer separate quotes for services and materials should you wish to source the materials yourself. We believe that involving the client in the planning process is important in keeping them happy and satisfied. If you have no idea about electrical systems work, we will take the time to explain things to you so you can better understand the different processes and procedures that need to be done. We will entertain questions, no matter how repetitive they may be, and treat every customer with the courtesy and kindness he deserves. We do not just only replace wires and sockets, we also check the rest of the electrical system to prevent damage and accidents. As with anything, prevention is still better than cure, so having us check your home or office’s electrical
    wiring on a regular basis is ideal.