5 Traits You Should Look For In Your Local Electrician

5 Traits You Should Look For In Your Local Electrician

Lets Shed some light on picking one that’s right!

Finding the right electrician isn’t always about hiring someone that will do the job for the least amount of money.

Here are 5 important traits that you should look for when seeking a local electrician.


1. Are they Local?

One of the first considerations for hiring the “right” electrical contractor should be that they are “local”.

Given that everyone is extremely mobile today, and getting from one suburb/city to another isn’t a real challenge, the term “local” is really relative. However, the best choice for an electrician would be one:

  • Who is located within a reasonable travel time (an hour at most) from you – just in case you need them to show up in an emergency!
  • Who knows the electrical rules/regulations of the area where you want work done.
  • That has clients/customers in the area that you can contact as references.

As long as they are experienced and qualified however, it isn’t unusual to hire someone who works several suburbs away from you.

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2. Are they experienced?

In our haste to get an annoying electrical issue fixed, we’ll often get the first contractor in who is willing to pay our home a visit at our convenience. While the homeowners’ convenience is paramount, you also need to make sure he/she is the right person for the job. And that’s where experience counts.

Make sure the contractor you hire has plenty of relevant experience before you give them the job. Plenty (usually more than a year or two) and relevant (don’t hire a car electrical systems expert to replace your home’s electrical distribution panel!) are keywords here.


3. Are they qualified?

Almost all States and Territories in Australia mandate that electricians be licensed to perform electrical work.

In most States, it is illegal to operate an electrical contracting business or carry out any other commercial/residential electrical work with being a Registered Electrical Contractor (R.E.C.).

Before you allow any electrician to bid for your project, ask for their qualifications and insist on seeing proof that they are indeed qualified to work for you.

A great place to start your search is through the Accredited Master Electricians List.

4. Will they stand by their work?

When a contractor does some work at your home, current regulations mandate that they issue the homeowner what’s called a “certificate of electrical compliance”. This certificate guarantees that the work they have performed comply with Australia’s Wiring Rules (also known as Australian Standard AS/NZS 3000:2007), as well as prevailing electrical legislation in your State or Territory.

If you find that a prospective contractor is unfamiliar with this requirement, or is hesitant to provide you with this certification, then either he/she is incompetent, or is not willing to stand by their work. Either case, they are not the contractor for you!


5. Can they be trusted?

Electricians that don’t have a steady stream of good references aren’t the best ones to hire. Don’t just rely upon online references either. Insist on getting several local reference addresses and phone numbers, and make it a point to check them out.


Do it right!

For most Australians, your home or office often represents your biggest investment, and you’d like the electrical systems and appliances within to be dealt with by a professional.

Follow these 5 common-sense steps and you’ll be able to hire the best local electrician – every time!

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