Australia – How Much Electricity Do We Really Use?

Australia – How Much Electricity Do We Really Use?

Knowing may help us conserve and curtail!

Even though Australia ranks 6th amongst countries (by landmass) globally, the amount of electricity that Australians consume is much higher by comparison to the average world consumption, and a lot of that (some would call it excessive!) consumption can easily be curtailed, but not without the help of ordinary Australians pitching in.

World Bank figures from March 2015 indicate that Australians consume a lot of electricity, especially when we compare ourselves against one of the world’s largest power consumers – the United States of America.

So what’s really behind these figures, and why does a country like ours use so much electricity?

Cause And Effect

Energy plays a crucial part in the domestic, industrial and commercial life of Australia as we depend on it for cooking, cooling, heating, manufacturing and transportation. As Australia grows and expands its economy, it will need even more energy to power its progress forward. And as homeowners move up the social ladder, we can expect that their appetite for electricity will see a corresponding increase too.

A lot of our electricity usage might not, however, be attributed to what’s called “constructive” use. Australian households, knowing or unknowingly, are also guilty of wasting much of the electricity coming into their homes due to:

  • Care-free lifestyle choices (using a heater when one is not required)
  • Poorly insulated or draught-proofed homes
  • Inefficient home appliances

In 2013, electricity power plants in Australia produced 247 billion kWh of electricity, which was nearly 60% above that produced in 1990 . Since Australia depends on coal-fired power plants to produce a vast amount of its electricity, this means that energy sources like electricity impact our standard of living (individually and collectively as a nation), while also playing a big part in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

As electricity consumers, we should also be concerned about global warming.


The GHG’s we emit into the environment today have a tremendous impact on how future generations of Australian’s live their lives.

Have you considered powering your home with solar yet, and if not, why not?!

A Light At The End Of The Tunnel?

Electricity consumption may be on the rise generally speaking, but a lot is being done to curb its use.

  • Governments (Federal and Territory) are encouraging conservation
  • Homeowners are investing in making their homes more energy efficient
  • More and more consumers are opting for energy-friendly appliances
  • Rising electricity rates are forcing homeowners to conserve more
  • Industrial electricity consumers are doing their part to substitute electricity for more environmentally-friendly energy sources

The good news is that Australia’s target, for emissions abatement under the Kyoto Protocol, has gradually fallen over the past few years. And that would mean Australians can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to reducing their electricity consumption.

We are far from done, though! To achieve our 2019-20 targets under Kyoto, Australians still need to reduce emissions significantly. And one of the best ways to achieve those targets is for us to band together and start switching off our electricity consumption – one light bulb at a time!

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