Electrical Services

At Electrician Pros, we offer a full array of residential electrical services geared towards making your home a safer and more comfortable place to live in. Domestic electrical services come in a huge range of packages, from installations to regular servicing and even upgrades. Whatever your electrical needs may be, we have the skills and experience to leave you a satisfied client. We have a number of licensed domestic electricians who will be dispatched to you any time you make a call out to us. Give us a call on (02) 8599 4586 for electrical queries or projects.

Our electrical services include:

Electrical Wiring Service

Our residential electrical wiring service is targeted at properties under construction. If you are building a house or planning to, this service is for you. Once the framing phase is complete, we can provide a full wiring service throughout your house. We’ll first connect your property to the main electrical power grid. This entails installing a meter. Once done, we’ll install wiring to channel electrical power from the meter to all your rooms, the power points, the light bulb holders, and to the appliances. Basically, this service is about creating your electrical infrastructure. Later on, we can come back to install the final fixtures such as the power points and the bulb holders.

Appliance Installation Service

Another key pillar of our domestic electrical services is the installation of appliances. Here we help you to install your appliances at home. This ensures that your items such as cookers, fridges, and washing machines are installed properly so that they function effectively. For new appliances, your warranty agreement may even insist that you use a licensed electrician to carry out the installation. Calling us for this service, therefore, can help protect your warranty. This service is ideal after buying new appliances, when repositioning appliances around the house or when you’re moving in from another house. We’ll install and test your home appliances to ensure they are working as they should.

Electrical Inspection Service

This is one of the residential electrical services that everyone should seek at least once a year. Here, our electrical contractors come to your house and they inspect all your electrical connections to ensure they are safe and working efficiently. First, we’ll inspect your meter to see if your home is getting the right amount of power from the main grid. Next, we’ll inspect your wiring to see if there are any exposed or worn electrical wires that need to be repaired. We’ll also inspect your appliances, power points, bulb holders, and extension sockets to test if the power input is as it should be.

Domestic Electrical Repairs

We also offer general domestic electrical repairs. These are carried out on a demand basis. That is, when you spot an electrical repair, you give us a call and our master electricians will come fix it. Our home electrical repairs cover everything under your roof, from flickering lights to loose wiring, dim lights, burnt out bulbs, malfunctioning power points, burnt fuses, etc. We also repair faulty electrical appliances such as fridges, microwaves, dishwashers, TVs, home theater systems, washing machines, air conditioning systems, heaters, and many others.

Electrical Lighting Service

Just as we take your appliances and wiring as a specialty, so is your lighting. Our residential electrical lighting service revolves around creating solutions for your lighting systems. At the most basic level, we can install new bulbs, bulb holders and lamps for you. We can also repair your damaged light fixtures and replace them with new ones. Moving on, we can help you upgrade your lighting systems from fluorescent tubes to sconce lighting or from incandescent lighting to the more economical LED bulbs. We also offer other home lighting solutions such as outdoor lighting, garden lighting, security lighting, etc.

Emergency electrical service

Last but not least, Electrician Pros also provides residential emergency electrical services. This service is backed by a rapid response led by our very best electricians. If you have an emergency electrical issue in your home, we’ll sort it out immediately. This includes scenarios such as flooding, naked electrical wires, electrical shock, power outage, power surges, flickering lights, etc. This is a 24-hour home electrical service so we’ll come to you immediately and restore your power situation regardless of the time or day.

Why Electrician Pros?

Electrician Pros offers the above services to the residents of Bondi and the surrounding areas of Maroubra, Coogee, and Bondi Beach. We have unparalleled experience when it comes to residential electrical services and our electricians are the best in the business. Give us a call today for a professional service, delivered with a smile.

Our team is available throughout Bondi and Sydney’s Eastern suburbs for all electrical projects, give us a call on (02) 8599 4586 for a free quote.

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