How To Lower Your Electricity Bills For Winter

How To Lower Your Electricity Bills For Winter

Discover the cool power of hot savings!

As winter approaches, many Australians worry about the skyrocketing cost of keeping their homes warm, especially where electricity is a major component of heating costs. (and let’s not forget – for such a small country, we use a LOT of energy)

According to the Australian Energy Regulator, approximately 10,814 Australian residential customers faced disconnection for non-payment across all jurisdictions (NSW, SA, TAS, ACT) in Q2 of 2014-15.

If you missed this article about 5 ways to quickly reduce energy costs around your home, read it first, then come back here to see how you can prepare for winter!

If you are one of those worrying about your electricity bills, here is some food for thought on how to keep them lower this winter.


1. Dress To Chill!

A significant portion of your electricity bill can be accumulated during the time you and your family spend at home, basking in the warmth of a heater. There is a much better (and cheaper!) way to enjoy your time at home.

Simply dawn on an extra layer of clothing – say a nice cosy jumper or a thick woollen shawl – as you sit back and relax in front of the TV. And if you still absolutely need the heater, you’ll find that turning the thermostat slightly lower will do the trick.


3. Keep Hot Air In

You’ll be amazed at the amount of electricity that many older Australian homes waste, just because the home isn’t properly insulated. Keep doors and windows shut tight in winter, and make sure all openings (even the tiniest of them!) are draught-proofed to avoid making your heater work overtime.

If your home has plenty of sunlight in the day-time, keeping the windows open (or parting curtains and blinds) to capture natural heat is a great way to keep the house warm without using a heater. After sunset though, make sure your blinds are drawn to keep hot air from inside the house from escaping out.


4. Showers Are For Showering!

Many Australians have a tendency to dart into the shower, and let it run a bit, to get warm.

Remember: Hot water can represent as much as a quarter of the average households’ electricity bill.

Instead, try standing under a couple of heat lamps for a few minutes after you exit the shower.
It’s not only cheaper…but it also works!


5. Power Switches

For some Australians though, receiving savings on electricity bills might be as simple as a switch – to a different distributor. The competitive landscape in the electricity distribution arena has changed, and there are likely many more options available within your suburb today, than there may have been several years ago.

Simply go online and check out what the competition has to offer in terms of potential savings. Many sites today offer handy calculators that will do the math for you.

The best part is that you may not even have to actually make the switch. Simply arming yourself with the options, and having a conversation with your existing power company, can do the trick – especially if you are a long-term customer!

Free And Easy Electricity Savers

It’s amazing how much you can save from just using common sense ideas around your house. These five electricity bill saving ideas are simple to practice and free to implement. Give them a try this winter, and watch your electricity bill shrink while your savings grow!

So, what do you think of those 5, easy-to-implement power saving tips to prepare you for winter? Of course, if you still find that your energy bills are growing through the roof, give the Electrician Pro’s a call today and we’ll do our best to find the source of your power suck!

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