Smoke Alarm Installation Bondi

Smoke Alarm Installation Service

Smoke alarms, now more than ever must be installed in all Australian homes. Many people are unaware of this but when it comes to fire hazards, it is actually the smoke that is most dangerous. Here at Electrician Pros we offer smoke alarm installation services to our customers within the Bondi area and the neighbouring suburbs of Maroubra, Bondi Beach, and Coogee. Our more frequently performed smoke and fire alarm services can be found below, give us a call on (02) 8599 4586 for anything else.

Smoke Detector Fitting

If you have just moved into a property or have just completed building your house, our electrical contractors can install smoke detectors for you. We also install units in homes where the owners want to add more smoke alarms. We’ll advise you on the best units to put in place depending on your needs and the outlay of your house. Common types include photoelectric alarms and ionisation alarms. In addition to that, we will advise you on the best places to situate the alarms, e.g. in the kitchen, the living rooms, and along the corridors.

Smoke Detector maintenance

Having a smoke alarm installed in your Bondi home is not enough as far as fire prevention is concerned. You should also have your smoke detector serviced regularly to ensure that it is still viable just in case a fire breaks out. Part of this maintenance includes testing the unit to see if it still works. This is done using a smoke machine and a flame. In some cases, alarm units do get redundant after many years of dormancy. If this happens, the unit should be repaired or replaced. Our master electricians will also replace the alarm battery annually to ensure that the unit remains functional at all times.

Smoke Alarm Repair Services

Our Bondi electricians also undertake smoke detector repairs on faulty units. This is aimed at maintaining the integrity of the unit and prolonging its lifespan. One of the repairs we often carry out is wiring. Here we restore the electrical connection within the unit to ensure it’s powered 24/7. We also repair units that have short-circuited and won’t work or units that have sustained physical damage and need to be put back together. Often, such repairs will require minor replacement of parts and thorough testing.

Smoke Alarm Upgrades and Replacement

If a smoke detector is not working or constantly needs repairs, we often advise clients to have it replaced. This not also keeps you and your home safe, it is also cheaper in the long-run. We also advise upgrades for clients whose smoke alarms are old and outdated. Newer smoke alarms can detect smoke faster and from further away, thanks to rapid innovation technology. Such upgrades afford you the peace of knowing that your are well protected day and night.

Why Electrician Pros?
We understand smoke alarms in and out. More importantly, we genuinely care about your safety and that of your property. That said, our electrical team takes smoke alarm installations and repairs very seriously. We also offer emergency services.
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